Does Your Company Use A Grease Trap? The Importance Of Keeping It Clean And How This Is Done

If your company uses a grease trap, it is important that you keep it clean. This can be difficult to do on your own especially if your grease trap is large. Below is information on why this is important, as well as how the grease trap is cleaned.  Importance of Grease Trap Cleaning The role of a grease trap is to prevent blockages that can come from a sewer system. These blockages may be due to oils, greases, and fats that accumulate in the sewer system. Read More 

4 Reasons You Should Call For Septic Pumping Services

One of the best ways to avoid trouble with your septic pump is by pumping it as often as needed. Not only does this keep your tank in excellent condition, but it also prolongs its life while preventing sewer backup and other drainage problems. Unfortunately, most people do not pay much attention to their septic tanks until too late. A neglected septic pump leads to slow drains, gurgling sounds, unpleasant smells, and sewage backup. Read More 

Knowing When To Call A Septic Service To Remove Sludge From Your Septic Tank

Septic tank pumping is a normal part of owning a home with a septic system on the property. The system is designed to remove waste and break it down, leaving a certain amount of sludge behind that can only be removed from the tank by pumping it out manually. When that needs to happen can change depending on the system and the way it is used.  Understanding Septic Tanks When you flush a toilet in your home or run water down a drain, the liquids and solids move down the septic line to the septic tank in your yard. Read More 

FAQs That Customers Have Before Their First Septic Cleaning

Calling a company to come clean out your septic tank may seem a bit foreign to you if you've previously lived in a home connected to public sewers. So, the first time you make arrangements for a septic cleaning, you're likely to have a few questions. Discover the answers in this article. Where will the septic pumping truck park? If you've seen septic pumping trucks before, you know how big they are. Read More 

Why Regularly Scheduled Grease Trap Pumping Is A Good Idea For Your Commercial Kitchen

If you are a restaurant owner or the operator of a commercial kitchen, grease is just a part of your day-to-day business. You likely have multiple grease traps installed within your business in order to keep the plumbing or water lines free of trouble like clogs. But grease traps require regular maintenance, and that includes having the accumulated grease pumped out by a pump truck or another professional service on a regular basis. Read More