Why Regularly Scheduled Grease Trap Pumping Is A Good Idea For Your Commercial Kitchen

If you are a restaurant owner or the operator of a commercial kitchen, grease is just a part of your day-to-day business. You likely have multiple grease traps installed within your business in order to keep the plumbing or water lines free of trouble like clogs. But grease traps require regular maintenance, and that includes having the accumulated grease pumped out by a pump truck or another professional service on a regular basis. Here's why you should network with a local provider of such a service and schedule a regular appointment to make sure your kitchen's grease traps remain as clean and clog-free as possible.

An Unexpected Clog Can Shut Down Your Entire Operation for a Time

You don't want to find out the hard way that there is an issue with your grease traps. If you let grease build up or develop a clog, you might end up with a sink that's not able to drain properly. If you have a grease backup making its way into your kitchen, you might not be able to safely keep cooking for your customers, and you may have to shut down the entire operation. Depending on what exactly goes wrong, you might even have to notify local officials and submit to an inspection before you can reopen for business. Get your grease traps pumped regularly to avoid clogs or other issues that could cost you multiple days of operation.

A Clogged Grease Trap Could Cause Grease to Get Into the Water Line and the Local Water Supply

If you allow your grease traps to get really bad, it's possible a clog could cause grease to start making its way into one of your water lines. When grease makes it into a water line, it's possible it could eventually make its way out of your building and contaminate the local water supply. If an issue like this is discovered and traced back to your business, this is going to lead to a massive hit to your reputation in the community, and you will likely be fined and also shut down until the problem is fixed. You might even have to pay additional costs to help fix any damage your business has done to the surrounding environment.

Failing to Clean or Pump Your Grease Traps on a Regular Schedule Could Shorten Lifespan and Lead to Repair or Replacement Costs

Even if a clog doesn't immediately develop, failing to pump your grease traps or clean them regularly will leave them in less-than-ideal condition over time. You might have to pay for more frequent repairs or have to install new grease traps sooner than you would like. The cost of contacting a local pump truck won't seem so bad in comparison to the cost of a full replacement for your traps.