Does Your Company Use A Grease Trap? The Importance Of Keeping It Clean And How This Is Done

If your company uses a grease trap, it is important that you keep it clean. This can be difficult to do on your own especially if your grease trap is large. Below is information on why this is important, as well as how the grease trap is cleaned. 

Importance of Grease Trap Cleaning

The role of a grease trap is to prevent blockages that can come from a sewer system. These blockages may be due to oils, greases, and fats that accumulate in the sewer system. If the grease trap is not kept clean, these things can leak out. If this happens, your workers may be injured as they could easily fall or trip into the grease trap or slip and fall on the floor. If your grease trap is large enough for someone to fit through, this could result in a very bad injury or even death. To prevent this from happening, your grease trap must be covered properly and the cover should always be kept secure. The grease trap cleaning company that you hire will check the cover and replace it if needed. 

If you do not have your grease trap cleaned, grease leaks into the drainage system and then grease will build up quickly, resulting in clogs. If your grease trap is outside, then the grease may spill out of the trap. This grease will then start running and spreading. If your restaurant is close to other businesses, this grease can get onto their property. 

If there is grease left on the ground, bacteria will start to grow and there will also be a bad smell. Toxic acid can also leak out of the grease trap, which is dangerous if someone were to breathe it in, including animals. 

How a Grease Trap Is Cleaned

When the grease trap cleaning company arrives, they will remove the cover and then determine how much grease is in the trap. They will then remove all water in the trap. They may do this manually, or they have pumps they can use to suck up the water if the grease trap is large.

Once the water is out, the grease trap cleaning contractor removes the grease using a hand scooper or a shovel. The company will then remove grease from the lid and from the bottom and sides of the trap. Water is put back into the grease trap, and the grease trap is put back together.

Hire a septic company to clean your grease trap. They can give you more information on how this is done. Call a commercial grease trap cleaning company to learn more.