A Short Guide On Residential Septic Tank Care And Cleaning

When you have a septic tank, having it cleaned will become part of the essential maintenance you'll have to have done to keep things running smoothly and avoid problems. This article will serve as a helpful guide on your home's septic system. 

The basic functioning of the septic system

The septic tank is installed underground and is connected to your home's drains. The wastewater that goes down your drains and toilets will go into the tank. The solids will sink to the bottom while the liquids rise. They will then go to the drain field, where they will be filtered naturally, by the soil. When the septic tank reaches its capacity, it needs to be cleaned. While draining involves removing the sludge and solids from the bottom of the tank, cleaning involves removing everything from the tank. Think of septic cleaning as a more thorough draining. 

Draining and cleaning the septic tank

When the time comes for you to have the septic tank drained, you'll call out the septic service technician. The technician will locate the access point for your septic tank, which is normally buried underground. They will remove the lid to gain access to the septic tank. 

The technician hooks up special equipment that includes a vacuum pump to remove the solid waste from the tank. When they're doing a full cleaning, they'll continue removing all the contents until there's nothing left in the tank. The waste is then taken to a disposal site. 

It's also common for the technician to use the opportunity to inspect the septic tank for signs of damage. If they find anything that needs to be repaired, then they'll take care of these issues as well. Once the tank has been emptied and the system has been checked, the equipment will be removed and the lid replaced.  

Recognizing signs the septic tank needs cleaning

In most cases, you'll have a general idea of when the tank will need to be cleaned again. However, you may not know if you've moved into the home recently or if your household size and water usage have significantly increased recently. Some signs that it's time for the septic tank to be cleaned include: 

  • Foul sewage odors start coming into the house from the drains. 

  • The drains start to drain slower than normal and your toilet flushes slower. 

  • Areas of grass suddenly become brighter and healthier than others. 

  • There are puddles in the area where the drain field is located. 

  • There are gurgling sounds from trapped air coming from the plumbing system. 

  • Sewage starts to back up in the drains and toilets. 

If there is sewage backing up into your home, then this creates an unhealthy living environment, and you'll want to have the issue taken care of before your family can safely stay in the home again. 

Reach out to a septic tank cleaning service to learn more.