3 Mistakes To Avoid When Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning will promote faster and more efficient drainage in your plumbing system. Also, the exercise will boost your drain's life by preventing leaks that can cause frequent breakdowns. Moreover, cleaning your drainage will impede the buildup of mold and bacteria in your sewer lines, preventing foul odors.

However, you need to know how to clean your drains properly. Otherwise, you will make things worse. Your drains could get more clogged or require unnecessary repairs. Here are mistakes you should avoid when cleaning your drains. 

Using Harsh Chemicals

Chemical drain cleaners will temporarily eliminate the clogs in your plumbing system. However, you may have worsened the problem without knowing it. First, drain cleaners contain potent chemicals that can irritate your skin if not handled properly. These substances include lye, bleach, and sulfuric acid. Secondly, the cleaners can eat away at the inner surface of your pipes, leading to severe corrosion. 

This problem can trigger leaks in your lines, interfering with your system's efficiency. For instance, the leaks will affect proper water flow, reducing the water pressure in your home. Also, the leaks can trigger other complications as your plumbing components struggle to function due to reduced efficiency.

Drain cleaners can unleash poisonous fumes into your home's indoor space, compromising indoor air quality. Inhaling contaminated air can cause respiratory diseases. While you can use other safe alternatives like vinegar and baking soda, they aren't efficient in thorough cleaning. You are better off calling your plumber.

Incorrect Plunging

Forcing a clog through your drains may worsen the blockage. You will push the clog too far down, where it will trap more debris and other items, leading to further clogging. The correct way to use a plunger is by sealing it, gently pushing it down, and then pulling it back quickly. The suction will push up the clog and break it into smaller parts that can easily go down your drains using gravity.

Poking Into the Drain

You may be tempted to poke your clogs using a wire. However, this move may only push the clog further down, where it will cause severe blockages. Also, if a plunger can't eliminate your clogs, the blockage is probably worse than you imagined. Moreover, poking things into your drains may damage your pipes or other plumbing fixtures. 

You may accidentally dent a pipe, making it susceptible to leaks. Also, if the object you are using is weak, it can break and become lodged inside your lines, leading to more blockages. Removing the object may be a challenge. You may need professional help, making you incur unnecessary costs.

Contact a drain cleaning service near you to learn more.