Time To Service Your Septic? What To Expect From The Service Appointment

If the time has come to service your septic system for the first time, you might not know what to expect from the appointment. After all, septic servicing can be confusing, especially if you're not prepared. Luckily, the septic company will handle most of the work for you. If you have pets, you should bring them into the house during the service call. You should also keep your windows closed during the service call. Septic pumping can fill the air with foul odors. If you want to better understand the septic pumping process, read the list provided below. 

Crew Prepares Septic System 

If you're scheduled for septic servicing, you can expect at least two different crews to show up at your home. The first crew will prepare the septic system for service. The first thing they'll do is locate the tanks. Once the tanks are located, the crew will dig holes to uncover the tank. They need to do this to access the lids. After they've accessed the lids, they'll remove them. This will open up the tanks for the pump crew. Once the tanks are open, make sure everyone stays away from the area. Falling into an open septic tank can have devastating consequences. 

Pump Truck Removes the Waste

After the setup crew leaves, the pump crew will arrive at your home. They'll be driving a big pump truck. The pump truck contains the holding tank where your solid waste will go. The crew will send a large hose into each of the septic tanks. First, they'll remove solid waste from the primary tank. Next, they'll remove the liquid waste from the secondary tank. Once that process is done, you'll be ready for the cleanup.

Pump Crew Cleans the Septic Tanks

After your septic tanks are emptied, there will still be some residual waste inside the tanks. This waste can't be removed with the hoses. Instead, your pump crew will use septic shovels to loosen and remove the residual waste. Once that's removed, water hoses will be used to clean the inside of the tanks. The remaining water will be vacuumed out with the septic hoses. After that, the crew will close the lids and fill in the holes. To protect your septic system, you should schedule another septic service appointment in about three years. 

If you're new to septic ownership, use the information described here to prepare for your appointment. Contact a septic tank pumping service near you to learn more.