Factors To Consider When Choosing Porta Potty Rentals

Renting portable toilets is a good idea if you're hosting an event or working on a site without toilets. These are toilets that you can temporarily use in a given area and promote hygiene. However, the market provides numerous porta potty rental services, and you need to choose your rental service carefully. Hence, consider these essential factors when searching for porta potty rental services.

Available Portable Potty Options

Portable toilets are available in various designs to serve different events. For example, if you're organizing a prestigious event such as a wedding, luxury portable toilets are a good option. Luxury porta potty rentals have special features, including mirrors, high-end sinks, and unique flooring. In contrast, standard portable toilets with a sink or hand sanitizing unit and a urinal or toilet may be ideal for standard events. Moreover, you also need access to portable potty designs that can accommodate people with special needs. Hence, understand your options to rent the ideal porta potties.

Service Variety

Before selecting a porta potty rental service, consider the services they offer. For instance, your potential service provider should deliver the portable toilets to the venue and arrange their setup. Also, the professionals should be responsible for the pickup of the portable toilets after your event. This saves you from transport-related stress, especially if you rent many toilets. Moreover, some portable toilet rental companies may provide toilet cleaning services during the event, but at an extra cost.

Rental Charges

Various porta potty services charge special prices, depending on the portable potty's features, the number of toilets you require, and your event location. For example, luxury portable toilet rentals may cost more than standard ones. Likewise, renting several portable potties may cost more than renting fewer ones. Besides, if your portable potty service covers a long distance to your event venue, they incur higher transport costs and will probably charge you higher rental fees. Therefore, create a budget and select an affordable service within your budget limit.

Customer Support

You may experience problems with your porta potty rentals that require urgent attention. For example, you may discover a leakage or blockage in the portable toilets. Ideally, your rental company should provide timely support during emergencies. The rental company may provide support services for free if they're liable for the issue you're experiencing. This way, you don't need to hire a toilet repair service, saving you money.

When selecting porta potty rental companies, consider their service variety, customer support, rental charges, and the available portable toilet options. Consider these factors to hire the perfect portable toilet rental service for your event.