When Should You Schedule Septic Tank Pumping Services? 4 Telltale Signs

Your house has numerous systems intertwined to ensure you live comfortably and in a clean environment. If you have a septic system, its main reservoir where the waste collects often sits underground near your house. Therefore, it is not uncommon for homeowners to neglect their septic tanks until something is amiss. If you are new to homeownership responsibilities, here are warning signs to consider that show you need to pump your septic tank.

1. Slow Drainage

Does it take forever for your toilets to flush and kitchen drains to clear? You'll know when your drains begin misbehaving. Water suddenly begins to take ages to flow from the tub and sinks. Although this is not proof that your tank needs pumping, this could be a warning sign. Multiple slow drains may indicate that you need to pump your tank. Call the plumber to inspect the cause of the issue and recommend a suitable solution.

2. Raw Sewer Back-Up

Sewage traces in your sinks or toilet are the most obvious signs that your tank needs pumping. Toilet backup also exposes your loved ones to unpleasant smells and health hazards. When the tank fills up to the brim, the pressure will push some contents back to your house. This is because the tank can no longer accommodate any more waste.

As a result, the raw sewage could be pushed back into your house through fixtures such as the toilet and kitchen sinks. The back-ups also expose your home to water and structural damage. Therefore, consider seeking pumping services as soon as possible.

3. Unusual Green Grass Near the Drain Field

The drain field is a vital component of your septic system responsible for discharging pretreated water from the tank into adjacent grounds. Over time, if the tank is neglected, solids might force themselves past the drain field and into the ground, where they act as fertilizer for vegetation growing on the ground.

This explains the unusual green grass coverage. If you have spotted this problem, contact the professionals to empty the tank and restore proper system functionality.

4. You Pumped the Septic Many Years Ago

You don't have to wait for worrying signs to appear to schedule the pumping service. Your plumber could help you estimate the ideal maintenance dates after considering the reservoir size and the occupants in your home. Preventative septic tank pumping can help extend the system's lifespan and keep the repairs at bay.

If you have any concerns about the performance of your septic tank, call septic pumping professionals for help. Resolving septic issues on time helps you save money and keeps the health hazards at bay.