4 Instances When You Should Have Your Septic Tank Professionally Cleaned

Your home heavily depends on a septic tank to manage wastewater. This system has a holding capacity beyond which the wastewater begins to overflow. For instance, a dysfunctional system accumulates sludge and eventually overflows. The overflow is hazardous and can cause severe water damage around your property. An overflowing septic tank necessitates an immediate septic tank cleaning. This article looks at a few other instances when septic tank cleaning is essential. 

1. Sewage Odors Near the Septic System and Plumbing Lines

One of the indicators you need septic tank cleaning services is a foul smell. This horrible odor usually dominates near the septic system or plumbing units. If this off-putting smell lingers in your house, you need to hire an expert for a septic tank cleaning job.

The stench means that your tank is almost filled to its maximum capacity and needs to be emptied. In addition to that, there could be holes or tears in the system that needs fixing. 

2. Sinks and Toilets Draining Too Slowly

Ideally, a functional septic unit allows your drains to flow smoothly. However, your sinks, toilets, and showers might encounter drainage issues if your tank has too much sludge. This is because a buildup on the tank produces a ripple effect on your entire plumbing system.

Consider expert cleaning or pumping if your drains are slow or don't clear out. After the exercise, you can shower and clean your dishes without any inconveniences.

3. Wastewater Backing Up onto Your Sinks

Sewer backups happen when the septic tank exceeds its holding capacity. The sludge can flood your indoors and outdoors, damaging your property. Besides that, the backup comes with unbearable smells and health consequences. You may experience a sewage backup in your sinks and bathtubs in the worst-case scenario. This situation calls for emergency septic tank cleaning. Doing this averts the health hazards associated with sewage. 

4. Gurgling Sounds Coming From the Plumbing Pipes 

Generally, gurgling sounds indicate clogging or a full tank that needs cleaning. Pay attention when flushing your toilet, as these sounds will pop up at that instance. Furthermore, clogs resulting from wastewater backup cause gurgling sounds when using sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. If you hear such a sound, consider professional septic tank cleaning services. An expert will pump your tank and clean it to restore its functionality. 

It's best to pay close attention to your septic tank, owing to the risks involved in wastewater overflow. So, hire a septic tank cleaning service immediately after noticing any of the above signs and anything else unusual.