Identifying Sewer Smells In Your Home And Simple Solutions

Your home can be a haven where you spend ample time. However, simple septic system installation issues can deny you peace of mind. Sewer smells will irritate you! Thus, you will need to implement proper septic system management measures to avoid sewer smells.

Your preventive measures may not be helpful every day, and every once in a while, you might realize a stench when you enter your house. You could opt for professional septic services or handle the situation by yourself. First, you'll need to identify the source of the smell before executing any control measure. Find how below.

Identifying Sewer Smells

Sewers smell like rotten eggs or give a sulfuric odor. Once your home smells like a sewer, you'll become restless until you find the smell's source and fix it. Find below two sources of sewer smells:

1. Issues With the Bathroom Drains

Bathrooms are common places where sewer odors arise. A collapsed, deteriorated, or deformed bathroom drain can be the culprit. A busted drain pipe can also cause an unbearable odor. Immediately you enter your bathroom, and a smell makes you pucker, be sure there is a problem with your septic system installation.

After realizing this smell, the first thing to do is identify its origin. Lean towards your toilet, shower drain, and sink to determine the smell's concentration. If the smell originates from the bathroom drains, it could result from a dry p-trap.

2. Dirty Cleanout Plugs

A cleanout plug is an access point to the mainline that leads to your septic tank. Your cleanout plugs can smell when they stay with house traps for a long time. You may realize the bad odor when the cap to this plug goes missing. Thus, all the gasses come directly to your house.

Solve Sewer Smells

Once you realize a sewer smell in your house, your main option is to contact a septic system installation company to fix the issue. However, you may not have the patience. Therefore, once you assess the origin of the smell and realize you can handle it, try the following techniques:

  • Run water down the drains if your shower drains are the source of the sewer smells. You will replace the evaporated water in the p-trap and create a water seal that prevents sewer odor.

  • Get a replacement cap for the missing or broken cleanout plug to stop the gasses from coming into your house. A septic system installation expert will easily fix this issue for you.


You can only solve septic system smells if the issue requires a quick and simple fix. Otherwise, please call septic system installation experts for professional help.