4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Septic Tank System Is Failing

You're likely to have a septic tank when your home isn't connected to the main sewer system. A septic tank is a well-designed system that guarantees the safe and efficient disposal of wastewater. While this is the case, most tanks are made of fiberglass, plastic, and concrete. If your septic tank malfunctions, a few indicators will show your sewer wastewater isn't performing optimally. Here are a few signs it's time to seek septic services.

1. There is dampness around your drain field

If you have a failing septic tank, it will not efficiently absorb your wastewater, and it will begin to seep from the ground. This can result in dampness or a pool of water near your drain field. Sometimes heavy rainfall can prevent effective draining of your septic tank, resulting in soggy areas around your yard. If you're convinced that your septic system problem is due to heavy rainfall, check whether the pooling will subside after a few days. If there's no change, contact an experienced septic repair technician to check your septic system and advise on any necessary repairs.

2. Your septic system is draining slowly

Another straightforward indicator that you should seek the help of commercial septic services providers is slow draining. Most people attribute a slow drain to a clogged sink or bathtub. While this may cause your problem, it could also indicate issues with your overflow or a backup within your septic tank. 

3. Your wastewater is backing up

Your home's plumbing appliances are linked to your septic system. So, if your septic system is full or fails, your wastewater will not enter your tank. It will remain inside the pipe and eventually begin to back up into your toilet, drain, and sinks. Therefore, on the first sign of septic system backup, consider seeking the services of an experienced drain line install expert. Your clogged pipes may need to be cleared or pipes replaced.

4. You notice a foul smell

A foul odor, particularly a rotten egg smell, is a sign your septic system is failing. Some of the issues causing the foul smell include a dry trap in your floor drain or buildup in the pipes. If you address these issues and the smell persists, consider talking to an experienced commercial septic repair professional. The chances are that your septic line has a leak.

When you pay attention to the function of your septic tank, it's easy to spot the signs mentioned above. Therefore, if you want to avoid such concerns in the future, it's advisable to schedule an annual system inspection and have your system pumped out every few years.